Connecticut Mattress Recycling Program Municipalities Information

MRC welcomes municipality participation so residents have local access to recycling services. Participating municipalities will receive collection containers they can use to aggregate discarded mattresses for pickup and recycling.

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Mattress Recycling Informational Videos for Retailers

Preparations for launching mattress-recycling programs in Connecticut, California and Rhode Island are moving ahead. The Mattress Recycling Council released three videos that provide mattress retailers the basic information they need regarding the new recycling laws in these states.

Connecticut is the first state to implement its mattress-recycling program, which is expected to start in early 2015. Rhode Island and California will follow a year later.

The first video presents a broad overview of:

  • Why these new laws were enacted
  • Who will implement the new laws
  • Who pays for the mattress recycling
  • The retailer’s role in the MRC mattress recycling process
The second video explains a simple, three-step process that Connecticut retailers can follow to comply with the mattress-recycling laws.
The final video introduces Connecticut retailers to the MRC’s Northeast program coordinator, Justine Fallon. Fallon will work with retailers, transfer stations, recyclers, consumers and other parties to make sure the Connecticut MRC program is a success.

Additional state-specific videos will be produced as the MRC programs evolve in California and Rhode Island. In addition to the videos, MRC is preparing education materials that will be available online for all interested parties.

“Retailer participation is an important part of the state recycling programs,” said Ryan Trainer, MRC president. “We need retailers to be fully aware of the benefits the programs will provide to them, their customers and the states in which they sell mattresses, as well as their obligations under these laws. The release of these videos will help advance this process, so these programs can be implemented in a consumer-friendly, efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Mattress Recycling Council Hires Program Coordinator

Justine Fallon(Alexandria, VA) — The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is pleased to announce that Justine Fallon has been hired as MRC’s Northeast Program Coordinator. In this capacity, Ms. Fallon will act a liaison between mattress collection sites, transporters and recyclers.
MRC is a non-profit organization created by the International Sleep Products Association to develop statewide recycling programs in the three states that passed mattress recycling laws in 2013 (Connecticut, Rhode Island and California). MRC’s objective is to facilitate mattress recycling in a consumer friendly, efficient and cost-effective manner.

“We are excited to welcome Justine to the MRC team,” said Ryan Trainer, president of both MRC and ISPA. “With years of experience in solid waste and recycling programs, local outreach, contracting and vendor communications, Justine’s skill set is just what we need to develop and launch the Connecticut mattress recycling program. Her expertise will help us establish robust and successful mattress recycling options for Connecticut residents.”

MRC filed its Connecticut plan with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) on July 1, 2014, as required by law. Once approved by DEEP, the Connecticut program will be administered by MRC under DEEP’s oversight. The program will be funded by a visible point-of-purchase fee that retailers will collect from consumers. MRC has proposed a $9 recycling fee for each mattress and foundation unit sold in the state. The fee is subject to Connecticut sale tax. DEEP has 90 days to review MRC’s proposed plan and fee for compliance with state law.

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Q&A Session at Las Vegas Market for Mattress Retailers and Manufacturers

(Alexandria, VA) – The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is hosting an informal mattress recycling Q&A session during the Las Vegas Market in the ISPA Lounge, Building B, Space 954 on Monday, July 28th between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m.  Retailers and other market attendees are encouraged to drop by to get their questions answered and learn more about how the industry is preparing to implement new mattress recycling laws in Connecticut, Rhode Island and California.

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) has formed the MRC, a non-profit organization, to develop efficient, cost-effective and consumer friendly mattress recycling programs for all three states. The Connecticut program is expected to take effect in early 2015, and the California and Rhode Island programs will launch in early 2016.

“Mattress retailers and others tell us that they want an opportunity to talk about these laws and get their questions answered,” said Ryan Trainer, president of both ISPA and MRC.  “We think this informal Q&A approach will encourage more one-on-one discussions, better fit Las Vegas Market attendees’ busy schedules, and help them get the details they need.”

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The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is a non-profit organization that will develop and operate mattress recycling programs in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. In 2013, all three states passed laws requiring mattress manufacturers to develop programs to manage discarded mattresses.

Rhode Island Signs Nation's Second Mattress Recycling Bill into Law

(Alexandria, VA) – On July 15, 2013 Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed legislation into law that would create the nation’s second mattress recycling program. The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) worked closely with Rhode Island Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio and House Environment and Natural Resources Committee Chair Representative Arthur Handy to craft legislation that will recycle used mattresses in Rhode Island.  The legislation tasks mattress manufacturers in Rhode Island with creating an organization to responsibly collect and process discarded mattresses throughout the Ocean State. 

“We were pleased to work with state officials to develop legislation that promotes the proper disposal of mattresses while keeping costs low and creating jobs,” noted ISPA Vice President of Government Relations and Policy Christopher Hudgins. “The Rhode Island law follows industry-supported legislation that recently passed in Connecticut and serves as a model for other states interested in tackling this important issue.”

The new law requires mattress manufacturers to propose a detailed plan for mattress recycling in Rhode Island by July 1, 2015.  The program will create opportunities for all mattresses in Rhode Island to be recycled and will help combat the issue of illegally dumped mattresses.

Similar mattress recycling legislation is currently working its way through the California Legislature.

Mattress Industry to Establish a Mattress Recycling Program in Connecticut


In May 2013, Connecticut enacted Public Act 13-42, which requires the mattress industry to establish a mattress recycling program in the state. To meet this requirement, the International Sleep Products Association, the trade association for the mattress industry, created a non-profit organization, Mattress Recycling Council (MRC). MRC serves as the organization required by the law to plan and implement that state’s mattress recycling program.

Public Act 13-42, requires all mattress and mattress foundation producers, renovators and importers selling or distributing mattresses in Connecticut to join MRC by July 1, 2014.  To join MRC, you must register with the organization at There is no cost to join the MRC and registration information will only be used by MRC and the state to determine compliance with the requirements of the law.


For further information see Public Act 13-42 which, in part, states:

Sec. 1 (8)”Mattress” means any resilient material or combination of materials that is enclosed by a ticking, that is used alone or in combination with other products, and that is intended for or promoted for sleeping upon. “Mattress” includes any foundation, renovated foundation or renovated mattress. “Mattress” does not include any of the following: (A) An unattached mattress pad, an unattached mattress topper, including any item with resilient filling, with our without ticking, that is intended to be used with or on top of a mattress, (B) a sleeping bag or pillow, (C) a car bed, (D) juvenile products, including a carriage, basket, dressing table, stroller, playpen, infant carrier, lounge pad, crib bumper and any pad for such juvenile product, (E) a product that contains liquid or gaseous filled ticking, including any water bed or any air mattress that does not contain upholstery material between the ticking and the mattress core, or (F) any upholstered furniture that does not otherwise contain a detachable mattress, including, but not limited, to a fold-out sofa bed or a futon;

Sec. 1 (15) “Producer” means any person who manufactures or renovates a mattress that is sold, offered for sale or distributed in the state under the producer’s own name or brand. “Producer” includes (A) the owner of a trademark or brand under which a mattress is sold, offered for sale or distributed in this state, whether or not such trademark or brand is registered in this state, and (B) any person who imports a mattress into the United States that is sold or offered for sale in this state and that is manufactured or renovated by a person who does not have a presence in the United States;

Sec. 2. (a) On or before July 1, 2014, each producer, or such producer’s designee, shall join the mattress recycling council and by said date such council shall submit a plan, for the Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection’s approval, to establish a state-wide mattress stewardship program, as described in this subsection.

Sec. 2. (i) …Any producer who fails to participate in such program shall not sell mattresses in this state.

For questions please visit or contact Mike O’Donnell, MRC Program Director, at

Connecticut House of Representatives Approves Bill to Create Nation’s First Mattress Recycling Program

May 3, 2013 (Alexandria, VA) – On Thursday, the Connecticut House of Representatives approved legislation that would create the nation’s first mattress recycling program. The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) supported and helped craft this bill. The legislation authorizes an industry-led recycling council to develop a mattress recycling program funded by a small fee collected at retail from consumers.

“We applaud Environment Committee Chair Representative Linda Gentile (D-Ansonia/Derby) and Ranking Member Representative John Shaban (R-Easton, Redding, Weston), along with bill sponsor Representative Pat Widlitz (D-Guilford, Branford), for their leadership in crafting a fair and practical mattress recycling bill. The Connecticut House of Representatives has advanced legislation that will increase the rate of mattress recycling, which will in turn reduce the impact of illegally discarded mattresses without threatening jobs,” said Ryan Trainer, ISPA President.

ISPA has been working with policymakers in the state, including the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the City of Hartford, to develop mattress recycling legislation that will allow residents in the state to easily recycle mattresses in a way that is good for the environment, consumers and industry. The legislation approved by the House reflects this effort. The bill now heads to the Senate for a vote.

Established in 1915, the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the growth, profitability and stature of the mattress industry.  As the industry’s trade organization, ISPA represents nearly 700 mattress manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.

 ISPA provides a wide range of services that benefit its membership.  These include exclusive industry surveys and statistics, advocacy support, educational offerings, the industry’s ISPA EXPO trade show, safety research through its Sleep Products Safety Council, consumer research and education through its Better Sleep Council, BedTimes and Sleep Savvy publications, and more.

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Update on Mattress Recycling Legislation at Las Vegas Market

Market Trends, Public Policy, Collaborative Relationships All On The Agenda

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Members of the International Sleep Products Association and others in the mattress industry from across the nation will gather in Las Vegas January 28 through February 1, 2013 to attend, an international furnishings showcase that combines style, inspiration and productivity.

The International Sleep Products Association will conduct an informational session during the Las Vegas Market to help educate the industry on efforts being taken in several states to thwart burdensome mattress recycling laws that threaten mattress manufacturers and retailers. The session is scheduled for Tuesday, January 29 at 3:00pm in Building B, space B-960.
Ryan Trainer, President of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) stated, “Our organization is very proud to again be participating in the Las Vegas Market. It provides us an additional platform to communicate with the industry about market trends and public policy issues facing our industry.”
Trainer continued, “The overreaching recycling proposals our industry faces could cost mattress manufacturers and retailers millions each year; costs which consumers will ultimately bear. Fortunately, many state Legislators have recognized the need to step in to craft and advocate for sound public policy that will address mattress recycling concerns and state mandates, maintain job creation, and won’t bankrupt our industry.”
In California, Senator Lou Correa, (D-Santa Ana) is doing just that for the 2013-2014 Legislative session. Correa stated, “A good mattress is essential to our lifestyle. Yet, at the end of its lifecycle, mattresses add tremendous strain on our landfills and contribute to community blight when they are dumped in our neighborhoods.

I am pleased to be crafting a legislative measure that balances landfill pressures and environmental concerns with industry concerns. My legislation will seek to strike a balance that will incentivize Californians to recycle used mattresses, thus easing the burden on our landfills and communities, while retaining valuable employers, creating new jobs and business opportunities. I am confident this proposal will create a win-win solution for industry, environmentalists and California consumers.”
ISPA applauds Senator Correa for his efforts in recognizing that an efficient industry and consumer-friendly mattress recycling program is a comprehensive solution. “ISPA looks forward to working diligently with Senator Correa and policymakers on his legislation this year,” noted ISPA’s Trainer.
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SACRAMENTO — SB 254 (Hancock/Correa), which has enjoyed bipartisan support throughout the legislative process, creates a practical and efficient used mattress recycling program that will have a dedicated funding mechanism, reduce the impact of illegally dumped mattresses, harness existing infrastructure for transporting used mattresses to recyclers, create jobs, and minimize costs to both government and consumers.

In his signing message, Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., stated, “I applaud the efforts of the authors in creating a program to lessen impacts to California landfills, reduce costs to local governments, and remove blight in rural and inner city neighborhoods.”

This new law is supported by a broad range of groups, including industry, retailers, recyclers, cities and counties, local elected officials, and waste management organizations. Per the legislation, SB 254 creates a non-profit mattress recycling organization whose duty will be to plan, implement and administer a state system to collect discarded used mattresses, dismantle them and recycle their materials for use in new products. The program will be sustained by collecting a nominal fee at retail on the sale of new mattresses and box-springs.

International Sleep Products Association President Ryan Trainer stated, “This is a great day for our industry, the environment and California consumers. All stakeholders collaborated to help refine this legislation into a used mattress recycling policy that will provide a practical and innovative solution to a serious problem.  This is an effective and efficient piece of public policy legislation and ISPA is proud to be a part of the solution in dealing with properly recycling used mattresses.”

SB 254 provides Californians with a comprehensive mattress recycling solution that is consumer-friendly, cost-effective and efficient. The program authorized by SB 254 is very similar to existing recycling systems in California and other states for other consumer products.  California is the third state in the country to pass a used mattress recycling law this year.

Shelly Sullivan representing Californians for Mattress Recycling stated, “We would like to thank the authors, the co-sponsors and all stakeholders who participated in the process and remained so committed to SB 254.  We know Californians take pride in their recycling practices.  SB 254 simply gives Californians another avenue to broaden the scope of the state’s recycling portfolio.”


Californians for Mattress Recycling is an ad hoc group representing stakeholders united in their support for efficient and practical mattress recycling.  For more information contact Shelly Sullivan at (916) 858-8686 or go to:

Call and write Governor Brown today asking him to sign the Mattress Recycling Bill!

We need ALL mattress manufacturers, suppliers, sales teams, retailers and employees based in or doing business in California to contact Governor Brown and voice their support for SB 254 with both a letter and a phone call. Don’t worry, ISPA and Californians for Mattress Recycling have made it easy. It takes only a few moments. 

Please click here to electronically submit a letter to Governor Brown. We have already composed the body of the letter for you and you can add your own comments and relevant information. The contact number for the Governor’s office is (916) 445-2841. You simply need to let them know who you are, where you are based, that you strongly support SB 254 and that you ask the Governor to sign this important piece of legislation.