What California Mattress Retailers Need to Know

At this time retailers are encouraged to register with MRC at California’s plan is still being developed and it will be submitted to CalRecycle in July. Once it is approved, MRC will announce the recycling fee and further details about its collection and remittance. Meanwhile, click here to learn more about the other obligations California retailers have under the law.

California Mattress Producers & Renovators Urged to Register with MRC

Mattress producers (manufacturers and importers) and renovators that do business in California and fail to register with the Mattress Recycling Council may be prohibited from selling in the state or could incur other penalties. In March, CalRecycle will begin to list those that are registered on their website, so don’t be left out! For more information about how the law affects producers and renovators, see our recent notices – Legal Requirements for Mattress Producers and Legal Requirements for Mattress Renovators.

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