Customer Education Materials Now Available

BBM Receipt AttachmentAs MRC nears the May 1 launch of Connecticut’s Mattress Recycling Program, it is beginning to roll out its customer education materials. The general public will know the Connecticut Mattress Recycling Program as Bye Bye Mattress. This customer-facing identity is being reinforced by a microsite (, PSAs, online advertising and a media relations campaign. The goal of the public outreach is to help the customer become aware of the program and fee prior to a store visit and during his/her purchasing decision.

To support retailers at point-of-sale, MRC is providing retailers with a receipt attachment (order them here) and a list of frequently asked questions and suggested responses (download the customer Q&A). A media resources library is also under development that contains other in-store and customer communication materials such as posters, information sheets, and web and social media content.

MRC will continue to communicate with the industry via and program updates.