Fostering Innovation in Mattress Recycling

We invest in research to identify new end markets, increase recycling rates, improve the efficiency of used mattress collection and help contracted recyclers increase profitability by identifying mattress dismantling and recycling best practices.

Investing in Research and Funding Improvements

We invest $1 million annually to incubate creativity, develop new uses for recycled mattress components, advance recyclability and fund infrastructure improvements at collection sites. Click below to view completed research reports, improvement projects and announcements for new research projects.

Making a Difference

We are leading the way to investigate innovative new end uses for recycled mattress components in partnership with innovators and researchers. Examples include:

Funding the development of a small-scale machine demonstrating a novel approach for recycling pocketed coils.


Exploring a potential new application for chemically recycled urethane foam in concrete.


Chemically modifying materials such as polyurethane foam, polyester, cotton and coconut fiber into high-quality carbon for battery and supercapacitor components.