Rhode Island

Strengthening Rhode Island’s Environment One Mattress at a Time

The Mattress Recycling Council’s Bye Bye Mattress program is an example of Rhode Island’s environmental leadership and commitment to sustainability.

Mattresses collected 334,000since 2016

That equates to over 6,000tons of material recycled

Spanning 395miles

Over 160other public and private entities participate

Offering Convenient and No-Cost Recycling

Bye Bye Mattress is accessible to residents throughout Rhode Island, offering no-cost opportunities for residents to discard their used mattress. Mattresses are collected through a variety of channels, offering consumers and businesses options for recycling. MRC offers direct access to the program in 37 of 39 Rhode Island municipalities through transfer stations, public works yards, collection events and municipal curbside pick-up programs. In addition, over 160 other public and private entities across Rhode Island participate in the program including mattress retailers, hotels, universities, junk haulers and apartment complexes. There are also two public drop-off locations available to state residents.

more than 35Permanent mattress collection sites

3Recycling facilities serving Rhode Island

3Mattress collection events each year

On the Ground in Rhode Island

Raising Awareness and Educating Consumers 

MRC raises awareness of the value of mattress recycling in Rhode Island.

MRC has implemented extensive outreach to educate consumers about mattress recycling through its Bye Bye Mattress brand, which features a unique logo and consumer-facing website, ByeByeMattress.com. More than one million visitors have visited the website, which offers residents an easy locator tool to find their nearest mattress recycling location or event.

MRC provides extensive consumer education and outreach.

This includes point of sale materials that explain the recycling fee, public service announcements, social media campaigns, digital communications, community outreach at events and paid advertising including radio, television and billboards.

We are fostering innovation in Rhode Island.

By increasing the recyclability of used mattresses, developing new end markets for recycled mattress components and identifying industry best practices, we are working to reduce waste and improve recycling. There’s more to every mattress!