Our Impact

Leading the Way 

More than 50,000 mattresses are discarded in the U.S. each day and more than 75 percent of a mattress can be recycled. MRC is leading the way in our program states.

We provide no-cost collection networks statewide for both residential and commercial volume. We invest in research to increase efficiency and recyclability. We divert valuable materials from landfills. We help create green jobs and work with nonprofits. We reduce illegal dumping through education and outreach. We launched the Sleep Products Sustainability Program (SP2) to help the industry reduce environmental impacts.

Since launching the first program in 2015:

More than13 million mattresses recycled

13.3 million cubic yards of landfill space saved

500 million pounds of material diverted

Developing Solutions for Mattress Recycling

We are always working to increase efficiencies, foster innovation, grow our network and support a more sustainable environment.

Moving Mattress Recycling Forward

Creating a Sustainable Future

We are leading the way with best practices for sustainable mattress recycling.

We operate statewide collection networks of solid waste facilities, curbside collection programs, mattress retailers, recyclers and nonprofit partners to achieve a common goal – to make the Earth greener and keep our communities cleaner.


Supporting Local Communities

We contract with third-party recycling facilities to dismantle old mattresses and box springs.

These contracts support the economy by creating green jobs and generating revenue.

Supporting the Mattress Industry

We provide resources, research and funding to improve recyclability and the mattress recycling process.

We help mattress manufacturers reduce waste while increasing operational efficiencies through the Sleep Products Sustainability Program (SP2).