Discarded Mattresses — is it art?

We are waiting for the date to be set for SB 254 (Hancock/Correa) to be heard in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.  We hope to hear very soon and will post an update as we receive more details.

In the meantime, here’s a remarkable link  to a California blogger’s ‘mattress project‘ that demonstrates the need for SB 254 (Hancock/Correa) — mattress recycling done right.

Now, it isn’t that we don’t appreciate public art, but rather than treat used mattresses as art let’s turn them into repurposed products — and do a little good for mother nature!  Let’s leave the art to the likes of Matt Lipps or Sanya Kantarovsky.  

As a reminder, the goal of SB 254 is to create a program that advocates the recycling of used mattresses in a manner that provides Californians with a comprehensive mattress recycling solution that is consumer-friendly, cost-effective and efficient.

For more information on SB 254 (Hancock/Correa) or to take action today!
Stay tuned, there’s always more mattress news!