If you missed the press release — this week, the California Assembly’s Natural Resources Committee approved SB 254 by a bipartisan vote of 7 to 0.  

Over the past few weeks, we have been diligently working with state officials and other stakeholders to address some of their concerns surrounding SB 254.  The bill, as approved, contains several minor amendments that we have negotiated with state officials and other stakeholders to address several of their concerns. 

 International Sleep Products Association President, Ryan Trainer testified in support of the bill at the hearing, as did several of our coalition partners.  The feedback from the Members of the Natural Resources Committee was overall very positive, they are invested in the issue and supportive of the spirit of the legislation.  

This is an important milestone in our work to persuade the California Assembly to approve SB 254.  The bill now proceeds to the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee, and then to the full Assembly floor for a vote.  Since the Assembly has amended the bill, it will need to be considered by the Senate again once it passes the Assembly.  We expect the full Assembly and the Senate to consider the bill in early September.