MRC Awards Lean Manufacturing Assessment Contract to MWS & Associates

As MRC continues to expand, we are looking to increase the efficiency of our recyclers and provide means to improve throughput and recycling rates. MRC contracted with MWS & Associates to provide on-site Lean Manufacturing assessments of its network of California recycling facilities.  Lean is a methodology that helps facilities systematically eliminate waste, achieve higher work quality, improve safety and worker morale, reduce costs, shorten lead times and increase both customer satisfaction and profitability.

The MWS team is led by Dr. Maria Williams-Slaughter (Principal/Owner). She has over 20 years of experience in continuous improvement. Her team has extensive experience in applying lean tools and techniques to a wide range of processes in a variety of industries and organizations, leading to significant improvements in service delivery, cost savings, customer service and cultural transformations.

MWS conducted recycling facilities assessments at 11 mattress deconstruction facilities throughout California. In October 2019, each recycler will receive a customized, confidential report summarizing findings. A nonconfidential public report summarizing overall findings and lessons learned will follow.

Through these assessments, MRC hopes our recyclers will become more informed about their recycling processes, identify opportunities to improve productivity and gain insights to inform future investments.

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