MyMRC Launches March 1 for California Collection Network

MRC Introducing Logistics & Data Portal for Collection Sites, Transporters and Recyclers 

On Friday, March 1, MRC will activate MyMRC for its California collection network. MyMRC is a secure, online portal for collection sites, transporters and recyclers. Upon activation, those assigned a user account will receive an email with their username and password. 

MyMRC serves as a central location for all involved in the collection, transportation and recycling of mattresses to more efficiently coordinate logistics and access real-time data. Once logged in, there is a personalized experience: 

Collection Sites will use MyMRC to request pickups, cancel pickups, report feedback to MRC and have access to detailed reporting about units collected. 

Transporters will use MyMRC to manage pickup requests (accepting, rejecting or diverting them), make docking appointments with recyclers and report feedback to MRC regarding completed pickups or issues experienced with a haul. Detailed reporting and dashboards will be available too. 

Recyclers will use MyMRC to communicate their dock availability to transporters, manage the flow of incoming units and log information about outgoing material. Robust reporting capabilities and dashboards on key metrics will also be available. 

Step-by-step instructions for using MyMRC to complete these various actions will be available in the portal’s support area. The email containing login information will also have a reference sheet. Users will be able to request technical assistance via an online form. 

Leading up to this launch, MRC staff have been pre-loading any known March pickups, docking appointments, etc. Users should see this activity in the system. 

During the last few weeks, MRC has asked each location/company to designate a person to be the account user. This user will get an email on March 1 once MyMRC is live with an assigned username and password. If you have not yet responded to MRC indicating your designated user, please do so promptly. 

Contact your program coordinator with any further questions.