Preparing for CalReycle Inspections

Attention all California mattress retailers, manufacturers and renovators – be prepared for your unannounced inspections from CalRecycle, the state agency with regulatory oversight for MRC’s California program.

Why am I Being Inspected?

CalRecycle provides inspections and enforcement provisions under the mattress recycling law. Its staff conduct inspections to enforce a level playing field and to verify that all parties are in compliance with the law.

Inspection Focus Areas

Inspections are conducted randomly throughout California. During an inspection, you will be asked to show proof of registration with MRC, proof of fee collection, awareness of manufacturer/brand compliance and website brand monitoring, and that you are offering no-cost used mattress take back when delivering new mattresses.

Consult’s Account Guidelines for how to retrieve requested information or contact

After The Inspection

After the inspection, CalRecycle will send a follow-up report. If any violations are found, they can impose penalties of up to $5,000 per day.

Contact the CalRecycle enforcement team