Retailer Take Back

About California’s Retailer Take Back Program

Retailers in California are required by law to offer no-charge take-back of customer’s used mattress and/or box spring when the sold mattress and/or box spring is delivered (unless you use a common carrier for delivery).

From the Act

Article 7. Retailer Used Mattress Take-back 42992

(a) Except as provided in subdivision (d), on and after July 1, 2014, a retailer shall offer a consumer the option to have a used mattress picked up for recovery at the time of delivery, at no additional cost to the consumer, if a new mattress is delivered to the consumer.

(b) A retailer may contract out to a third party for the delivery of a new mattress or pick up of a used mattress.

(c) A retailer is not prohibited from charging the consumer for the cost of the delivery of a new mattress.

(d) A retailer or third-party contractor delivering a new mattress may refuse to pick up a used mattress from a consumer if the retailer or contractor determines the used mattress is contaminated and poses a risk to personnel, new products, or equipment.

(e) A common carrier delivering a new mattress to a consumer as a result of an online purchase is not required to pick up a used mattress for recovery.

Common FAQs

Are retailers required to recycle the mattresses they take back from consumers when they deliver new products?

No. Retailers are not required to recycle such mattresses or box springs. Retailers may voluntarily participate in the recycling program and provide their used mattresses and box springs to recyclers under contract with MRC. There is no recycling cost to retailers that wish to participate.

Our company charges a fee for delivery or set up of a mattress. Is this allowed under California’s law?

Yes. The law does not prohibit a retailer from charging for the cost of the delivery of a new mattress.

I’m interested in recycling my mattresses. How do I get started?

MRC-contracted recycling facilities accept commercial volume at no-cost. In some areas of the state there are also regional consolidation points. MRC may also be able to provide your site/store a container. Contact us to learn more.

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A delivery or set up fee for new products may still apply. Common carriers used to deliver mattresses purchased on the internet are exempt from picking up used units. Units that pose extreme health or safety risks may be refused.