SB 254 IS HEADED TO THE GOVERNOR’S DESK SB 254 (Hancock/Correa) Creates A Used Mattress Recycling Program

Sacramento, CA – On Thursday, September 12, 2013 the California State Senate voted to approve SB 254 authored by Senator Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley) and Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) by a 31-8 bipartisan vote.  SB 254 now moves to the Governor’s desk for review and signature.

SB 254 (Hancock/Correa), which has enjoyed bipartisan support throughout the legislative process, creates a used mattress recycling program that will have a dedicated funding mechanism, reduce the impact of illegally dumped mattresses, harness existing infrastructure for transporting used mattresses to recyclers, create jobs, and minimize costs to both government and consumers.

International Sleep Products Association President, Ryan Trainer commented, “We are very pleased SB 254 has been approved by both legislative chambers in California and is now headed to the Governor’s desk for his consideration. This is an effective and efficient piece of legislation and ISPA is proud to be a part of the solution in dealing with recycling used mattresses. We appeal to the Governor for his signature on this very important piece of legislation that will make a positive impact on keeping used mattresses out of our landfills, off highways and roads, and out of vacant lots.”

SB 254 enjoys a broad range of support from industry, retailers, cities and counties, local elected officials, and waste management organizations. Per the legislation, SB 254 creates a non-profit mattress recycling organization whose duty would be to plan, implement and administer a state system to collect discarded used mattresses, dismantle them and recycle their materials for use in new products. The program will be sustained by collecting a nominal fee at retail on the sale of new mattresses and box-springs.

During his comments on the Senate Floor, co-author of SB 254, Senator Lou Correa stated, “Californians buy about 4 million new mattresses and box springs each year, and discard roughly 2 million units.  Dealing with discarded mattresses is a big job for this state.  The goals set forth in SB 254 establish a sound foundation to move California forward in further preserving and protecting our communities from blight.”

SB 254 provides Californians with a comprehensive mattress recycling solution that is consumer-friendly, cost-effective and efficient. The program authorized by SB 254 is very similar to existing recycling systems in California and other states for other consumer products.

Shelly Sullivan representing Californians for Mattress Recycling stated, “We would like to thank all stakeholders who participated in the process and remained so committed to SB 254.  We know Californians take pride in their recycling practices.  SB 254 simply gives Californians another avenue to broaden the scope of the state’s recycling portfolio.”

Californians for Mattress Recycling is an ad hoc group representing stakeholders united in their support for efficient and practical mattress recycling.  For more information contact Shelly Sullivan at (916) 858-8686 or go to: