Site Improvements Projects

MRC Awards Nearly $400,000 for Collection Site Improvements

The funds will be used for equipment and infrastructure improvements to increase the recyclability of discarded mattresses and box springs by providing weather protection, or to achieve other efficiencies such as lowering costs and improving safety.

Project Highlights

The Wilkerson Company

The Wilkerson Company recently expanded its mattress collection capacity thanks to funding from MRC. We’re proud to provide this opportunity to our California collection sites to improve mattress recyclability and efficiency.


Habitat for Humanity

MRC supports collection sites by funding site improvements like this new loading ramp at Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley. The ramp makes it easier for employees to accept new box springs and mattresses at the Oakland ReStore.


Merced County Landfills

After receiving one of MRC’s collection site funding awards, the Merced County landfills upgraded their mattress recycling drop-off locations. They now have new overhangs to protect their collected mattresses from weather and increase their recyclability.