MRC Highlights March 2020 Issue


As COVID-19 has altered daily life for millions worldwide, we know that it is impacting your family and your business. MRC is working diligently to support our collection, transportation and recycling infrastructure as well as retailers during this time. Our staff remains available to serve you.

Important information is below. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your program coordinator. For Connecticut and Rhode Island, contact Dan McGowan. In California, a map of program coordinators by territory is available here. You can also reach MRC at or 1-855-229-1691.


While most solid waste and recycling facilities continue to operate during shelter in place orders as essential critical infrastructure, we understand that business decisions may necessitate suspending your operations. MRC has proactively posted a notice on instructing the public to contact drop-off locations before delivering old mattresses for recycling.


MRC’s contracted transporters supporting critical infrastructure solid waste facilities continue to operate as usual. If you are experiencing service disruptions, please contact your MRC program coordinator.


MRC’s mattress recyclers in all three states continue to operate while preparing for the likelihood of decreased volumes. As communities respond to COVID-19, normal operating hours for municipalities or sites may have changed. Regarding handling used mattresses exposed to COVID-19, OSHA says workers can treat them “like any other non-contaminated municipal waste.” Additional information is here or on the OSHA website.


If temporary closure of brick and mortar stores will delay your monthly report or remittance to, please contact us by clicking here or by calling 1-888-646-6815. Regarding retailer take back obligations in California during the pandemic, the law states that a retailer may refuse pickup if “the discarded product is contaminated and poses a risk to personnel, new products, or equipment.” Due to social distancing requirements and the ongoing pandemic, you are advised to use your discretion for the health and safety of all.

We continue to closely monitor and adapt to this fast-changing situation and will update you as more information is available.

The health and well-being of our employees and those across our recycling network continues to be MRC’s top priority. For more information on the coronavirus, visit Stay safe!