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California Program Contacts

Michael LaRussa
Northern CA Senior Coordinator
(916) 591-2540
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Tim Stockett
Central CA Coordinator
(458) 217-4026
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Jennifer Duran
Central CA Coordinator
(559) 580-4224
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Mark Patti
Southern CA Senior Coordinator
(661) 302-8888
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Tyler Douthitt
Southern CA Coordinator
(949) 375-1906
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For more information about MRC’s commercial
volume pickup options statewide, please contact:

Joy Broussard
Program and Logistics Coordinator
(707) 307-3052
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For more information about the Illegally Dumped Mattress Collection Initiative, please contact:

Taylor Grimes
CA Special Projects Coordinator
(279) 999-2864
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Interested in Becoming a
Collection Site or Event Host?

MRC is recruiting solid waste facilities (transfer stations, landfills, MRF’s, public works yards) in California interested in collecting discarded mattresses and box springs for recycling or hosting special one-day collection events.

MRC will provide storage containers/trailers, transport the collected mattresses and box springs to the recycler and recycle those units at no cost to the collection site or event host. MRC will also provide reasonable compensation. If your facility is interested in participating, please fill out the form below.