Rhode Island

Rhode Island State Law

In July 2013, Rhode Island enacted General Law 23-90, which requires mattress manufacturers to create a statewide recycling program for discarded mattresses. The program began May 1, 2016, and is funded through a $20.50 visible recycling fee collected at retail from customers on each mattress and foundation sold in the state. These fees fund the collection and recycling of mattresses and foundations used and discarded in Rhode Island.

Annual Reports

MRC’s Rhode Island Bye Bye Mattress program has recycled more than 500,000 mattresses since it began in 2016. Annual reports detail how the program performs each fiscal year. Read about our latest achievements in the 2022-2023 Rhode Island Annual Report.

For recent reporting periods, download archived Annual Reports below.

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Fee Examination Reports

Rhode Island law requires that all retailers collect a recycling fee on the sale of all mattresses and box springs to Rhode Island consumers and large volume buyers. MRC uses these funds to operate and administer a mattress recycling program in the state over a multi-year period. Every two years, an external auditor reviews and confirms the reasonableness of this fee.

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Legal Obligations for Retailers, Producers, and Importers

Legal Obligations for Retailers, Producers, and Importers

Obligations vary depending on what role the company plays in the manufacturing, renovation, distribution and, sale of mattresses and box springs. Businesses not complying with the law can be prohibited from selling their products in Rhode Island and face financial penalties.