April 2022 Highlights

Bye Bye Mattress brand ambassadors answer questions at our booths in Napa and Mill Valley, California, last weekend.

Using Earth Day To Raise Awareness

To spread awareness of Bye Bye Mattress, MRC capitalized on Earth Day events by generating local media coverage and collaborating with local leaders and other industry-led recycling programs.  

In Connecticut, Justine Fallon, our Director of Operations, was interviewed on Hartford’s, WTIC’s Morning Radio Show. The Connecticut Post and its sister publications published our op-ed explaining our program and accomplishments in the state. 

In California, Univision visited Cristal Materials and the segment aired during the afternoon news in Los Angeles, Fresno and San Francisco markets. Sacramento radio station KFBK interviewed MRC’s Marketing Director, Amanda Wall.   MRC joined with PaintCare, Call2Recycle and CARE to publish a joint article, 4 Ways to Protect the Planet by Recycling Right, in a variety of California media channels. More than 27 local officials and community organizations posted about mattress recycling in multiple languages on their social media channels.  

Mattress Industry

Case Study: Pleasant Mattress Builds Sustainability Into Everyday Work

Last fall, Pleasant Mattress became the first mattress manufacturer to achieve MRC’s Sleep Products Sustainability Program (SP2) certification. Pleasant Mattress worked with the SP2 team to create a case study discussing sustainability improvements, employee engagement tools, waste reduction best practices and efficiency gains achieved through the certification.

Explore Our New Infographic

We’ve upgraded the infographic on the MRC website to provide a comprehensive look and information about each mattress layer’s composition, current uses in secondary markets and common challenges encountered with separating or processing the material.

Collection Network

New Spanish Resource: Included and Excluded Video

A Spanish language translation is now available for MRC’s included and excluded video describing which mattresses are suitable for recycling in the California program. Both the English and Spanish versions are available on the Resources section of MRC’s website. 

California Mattress Disposition Data Due May 1!

California mattress recyclers, solid waste facilities and mattress renovators must report 2021 data to CalRecycle by Sunday, May 1. See CalRecycle’s Mattress Annual Reporting webpage for more information.


MRC Is Looking for New Uses for Mattress Textiles

MRC is looking for creative applications from universities and research institutions to explore new uses for post-consumer mattress textiles including mote cotton, spun bond polypropylene and shoddy felt. MRC has issued a request for proposals targeting these textiles and has allocated $100,000 in funding to support successful applicants. Interested researchers must submit a pre-proposal by June 1 as the first step to secure a contract. 

Can Mattress Foam Be An Effective Tool in Cleaning Up Oil Spills?

Federal research has shown that the surface chemistry of common polyurethane foam can be successfully modified to absorb oil spills in environmental clean-up applications. However, the same research also indicated it is not economically feasible to use new foam for this purpose. MRC is looking for universities or research institutions who can determine if recycled mattress foam can be used in the place of virgin polyurethane foams while maintaining the performance characteristics while decreasing product costs. June 1 is the deadline for pre-application proposals.

MRC Research Profiled

These textile and foam RFP’s are the most recent solicitations by MRC. A recent article in Waste Advantage Magazine reviews some of the nearly 20 projects MRC has funded in its efforts to find new markets for recycled mattress materials.

MRC-Financed Pilot in Berkeley Cut Illegally Dumped Mattresses by 32% 

The number of illegally dumped mattresses in Berkeley fell by 32 percent, after instituting an illegal dumping pilot study funded by MRC. And even more impressive, the number of mattresses abandoned on the streets by departing UC Berkeley students dropped by 55 percent.  

Berkeley achieved these results by revamping a curbside pick-up program and stepping up educational outreach to curb the number of illegally dumped mattresses from single family and multifamily complexes. After instituting the changes, there were 998 illegally dumped mattresses collected – a drop of 32 percent.  Prior to starting the pilot, the city estimated that curbside collection changes might collect about 800 mattresses. Instead, the pilot collected 1,334. (Read the full blog.)

New Collection Sites

Welcome Paramount Resource Recycling 

7230 Petterson Lane 
Paramount, CA 90723 

This collection site is in Los Angeles County and accepts mattresses for recycling from California residents Monday – Sunday 8 am – 3 pm. Visit their listing for more.  

Upcoming Events

Circularity City Week

May 3, 3-4pm EDT

MRC’s Mike O’Donnell is part of a webinar panel discussion on mattress recycling sponsored by the New York City Housing Authority. The webinar will focus on the Housing Authority’s first residential mattress recycling program which has been diverting mattresses from landfills since last August. The event is part of Circular City Week. Registration needed for this free event. 

Washington State Recycling Association 

May 16, Semiahmoo Resort, Blaine, WA 

MRC’s Mike O’Donnell will be presenting about MRC’s program to a new audience in Washington state. The breakout session will also feature three mattress recycling companies. Registration is required for this event

Southern California Furniture Market

May 18-19, Long Beach Convention Center

Stop by MRC’s booth (110) to learn more about recycling, customer education or industry obligations. View event info

Zero Waste Faire & Sustainable Living Expo 2022

June 5, 11am – 4pm, Wilton, CT

MRC’s Northeast Program Coordinator Dan McGowan will be attending. View event info