Mattress Recycling Council’s Success In California Continues

According to the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC)’s latest report to state officials, more than 83% of mattresses discarded in the state in 2019 were diverted from California landfills, up 3 percentage points from the previous year. This achievement is a testament to the ongoing success of the statewide mattress recycling program known to consumers as Bye Bye Mattress. MRC’s press release about the 2019 California Annual Report garnered coverage in both the trade and national press, as well as local papers. Learn More

Mattress Recycling Has Increased Since The Beginning Of The Pandemic

If you’ve been home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve likely cleaned every part of your house. If tossing and buying a new mattress was on your list, you’re not alone. There’s been an uptick in mattress recycling since the pandemic began. Mattresses and box springs on the side of the road is something Dan McGowan cringes about. “We want to recycle every mattress that gets disposed of in the state. Anyone who is looking to get rid of a mattress or box spring, we are looking to recycle,” McGowan said. New Haven’s CBS affiliate features a story about mattress recycling during the pandemic. Learn More

Bed-der Method Found For Handling Old Mattresses

New Haven’s landfill might have had 139,000 pounds more waste it in it — if not for 2,600 mattresses that have been recycled since January 2019. The recycling happened thanks to a statewide effort called Bye Bye Mattress. Officials are trying to get the word out so more people know about recycling their old mattresses — which helps protect the environment. Read the New Haven Independent's article about mattress recycling. Learn More

Leading A Circular Economy Transformation, One Mattress At A Time

Today, it’s not enough to create economically and ecologically sound recycling processes for our company, alone. We also need to forge innovative new approaches for handling post-consumer waste. Take mattresses. With California, Connecticut and Rhode Island already requiring the mattress industry to implement statewide recycling programs, we understand that as a major supplier to the polyurethane foam industry, we must be part of the solution. MRC’s partnership with Covestro was featured in their magazine on page 34. Learn More

The Park City’s Green Team–Saving Municipalities Money In Mattress Disposal

Park City Green is one of those unique Bridgeport businesses with a spring in its step in more ways than one. The not-for-profit specializes in mattress deconstruction serving more than 50 municipalities in Connecticut as well as commercial volume program participants such as hospitals and universities. Since 2016 Park City Green has recycled more than 250,000 mattresses and they were doing it before Connecticut passed the mattress recycling law. Feature in Only in Bridgeport about MRC and contracted recycler impact on community. Learn More

Learn more about the Mattress Recycling Council

Waste Today video interview with MRC’s Managing Director Mike O’Donnell and Industry Communications Manager Lori Barnes. “We spoke with the Mattress Recycling Council about its efforts to keep more mattresses out of landfills and get more materials back into the material stream. Right now, about 70 percent of each mattress is recyclable. So far, more than 6 million mattresses have been recycled and kept out of landfills.” Learn More

Please Continue Recycling

Ray and Joe D. on WTIC Talk 1080 in Hartford interviewed MRC’s Justine Fallon about MRC and Bye Bye Mattress in Connecticut. “This important recycling program continues in Connecticut as an essential service during the Covid-19 shutdown. Towns are still accepting mattresses and the recycling plants are open and working.” Learn More