August 2021 Highlights

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Mattress Industry

Look for us at Las Vegas Market

The 2021 summer market will take place this weekend, August 22-26. Look for us in HFA’s Retailer Resource Center in B1050. We’d love to hear your feedback and answer questions about mattress recycling, our current research projects, the Sleep Products Sustainability Program and so much more. Pick up some customer education materials too.  

Visit more details here

Improve Customer Education with Bye Bye Mattress Digital Badge

As consumers research their next mattress purchase, they are likely visiting your website. Use our Bye Bye Mattress badge to introduce your customers to the program and the purpose of the recycling fee before they start the checkout process. Simply link the badge to

Email to request yours today.

Collection Network

Resources to Help Improve Your Mattress Stacking and Loading

We’re encouraging collection sites to make maximum use of the provided container. This reduces trips and allows transporters to serve the collection network faster. Our stacking guidelines list recommended unit limits for the various container types. 

We also explain stacking and loading best practices in our how-to video: How to Safely Stack and Load that can be found in the Resources section of our website. Share these resources with your staff and consider incorporating them into staff training and development.

Check Your Locator Listing

You may notice that the Bye Bye Mattress recycling locator looks a little different. We streamlined the listings and made other adjustments to improve the user experience. 

As you check out these changes and prepare for the fall season, review your listing to be sure all of your contact information, address and hours are correct.  

To update or modify any of the information listed, please contact your program coordinator.   

Deadline for Rhode Island Mattress Recycling and Consolidation Services RFP Approaching

We are requesting proposals for mattress recycling and consolidation services for the state of Rhode Island. This Request for Proposals (RFP) evaluates the costs and capabilities of interested companies to help MRC comply with RI General Law 23-90, which requires mattress manufacturers to create a statewide recycling program for discarded mattresses.   

RFP submittals are due by August 27,2021. View the details here


Now Available: Waste Characterization Study Results

We commissioned a waste characterization study of residual materials disposed of by California mattress recycling facilities to identify what, and why certain materials are landfilled. The composition analysis indicates the three most prevalent waste categories as a percentage of total waste were: shoddy felt pad (22.0%), mixed non-woven fibers (19.8%) and quilt panels (17.3%). Recyclers are disposing of these and other materials primarily because of a lack of end markets, or because material contamination impaired recovery. 

Read the full report here

Recipients of 2021 California Collection Facility Improvement Funding Announced

We awarded funding to four recipients to implement improvements that increase mattress recyclability, efficiency and safety at California collection sites. The recipients include: Habitat East Bay Silicon Valley, County of Sierra, Impact Junk Removal and Helendale Community Services District. More than $34,000 was awarded to these recipients to provide weather protection, security infrastructure and equipment to assist with handling recyclable mattresses.  

More funds are still available for California collection sites. Visit Open RFPs for full details and the application. 

New Collection Sites

Welcome Los Angeles County Public Works Road Maintenance District Yard 557

38126 Sierra Hwy.

Palmdale, California 93550

Visit their listing on our locator. 

Upcoming Events

Summer Las Vegas Market

August 22-26


Find us in the HFA Retailer Resource Center located in B1050. 

League of California Cities Conference & Expo (Cal Cities)

August 22-25


Introduce yourself to Taylor Grimes. She’s eager to talk to you about collecting and recycling mattresses, educating your residents about the program and how MRC can help you combat illegal dumping. 

AHFA Presents: A Sustainability & Regulatory Event

September 1-2


Hear from MRC and Pleasant Mattress about the Sleep Products Sustainability Program.