MRC Highlights June 2020 Issue

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Volume on the Rise as Retailer and Collection Sites Reopen, Residents Urged to Recycle Responsibly

MRC’s recycling network continues seeing volume increase as retailers, collection points and events move into new phases of re-opening during the COVID-19 pandemic. MRC has a COVID-19 page on our website offering updates and resources for program participants. We are reminding residents through a “Recycle Responsibly” campaign to call ahead before dropping off mattresses for recycling and never leave mattresses outside closed facilities. Please contact your program coordinator with any questions or concerns.

No-Cost Commercial Recycling for the Educational Industry

MRC’s Commercial Volume Program partners with universities and educational institutions program-wide to provide environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions for discarded mattresses.

One example is Wesleyan University, which has recycled over 1,100 mattresses since 2018 through the program. “It’s been very successful,” says Jeff Sweet, Wesleyan’s Associate Director of Facilities Management. “MRC’s timing was perfect as we were embarking on a five year program to change out all of our mattresses on campus. MRC is very flexible with scheduling and has met all of our needs. I look forward to working with them on this replacement project and into the future.” As part of an ongoing effort to expand commercial volume participation in the educational industry, MRC is conducting outreach to boarding schools and universities with information about the program and how to enroll. We look forward to partnering with more institutions like Wesleyan to recycle used mattresses, save landfill space and foster sustainability.

MRC Statement on Social Justice

MRC issued the following statement concerning racism and social justice. We welcome your feedback. If you have comments or concerns, please contact your program coordinator.

California News

Apply by July 17 for Cycle 3 Funding Awards

Collection sites can apply now through July 17 for funding awards of up to $10,000 from MRC for infrastructure improvements. California facilities that currently collect or will collect discarded mattresses from the public for dismantling by MRC-contracted recyclers are eligible. In two previous funding cycles, MRC awarded over $300,000 to fund carports and cement pads that provide weather protection and for equipment such as stairs and ramps to aid in loading units into trailers. For more information or to apply, click here.

Collection Sites: Checklist for Futon Update

As of Jan. 1, futon mattresses are eligible for recycling through the Bye Bye Mattress program in California. The mattress must separate from the futon frame or base. As counties proceed towards reopening, use this checklist to make sure you are providing updated information to the public:

  • Replace your signage
  • Check your website list of accepted items
  • Review printed materials
  • Inform staff
  • Include in your community newsletter
  • Share on social media

MRC’s collection site toolkit offers tips on how to answer FAQs from the public and provides content for your use. Still have questions? Email us and we are happy to help.

Deadline is July 1 to Submit 2019 Reports to CalRecycle

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, CalRecycle provided additional time for solid waste facilities, mattress recyclers and mattress renovators to submit annual reports as required by Public Resources Code 42991. The deadline was adjusted from May 1, 2020 to July 1, 2020. Questions? Contact

Northeast News

Summer Reminder is on the Way

If you are a collector or recycler in Connecticut or Rhode Island, watch your email for a special Summer Update from your MRC program coordinator.

Topics include how to more efficiently stack collected mattresses into trailers and a link to the newly updated Northeast Collection Site Guidelines. MRC has resources to help make your role easier. If you missed the reminder email, contact Dan McGowan.


MRC Releases Mattress Metals Analysis

MRC recently collected and tested 30 samples of mattress bonnell coils, pocket coils, foundation metal and foundation staples to understand the composition and hardness of each metal type. The test samples were obtained from mattresses and foundations discarded in California and represented a variety of manufacturers and manufacturing dates.  Analytical results indicate that bonnell and pocket coils contain more carbon and are harder than foundation metal and staples. “This valuable information will assist mattress recyclers, metal brokers and smelters when preparing, processing and recycling these metals for use in secondary markets,” according to Mike O’Donnell, MRC’s managing director. Download or view the analytical results here.

New Collection Sites

Welcome Gather Home

MRC would like to welcome Gather Home to the mattress recycling program! They are a retailer serving as a permanent drop-off location for local residents.Visit their listing at for more information.Gather Home
138 Willow St.
Chester, CA 96020Mattresses are accepted for recycling on Fridays from 12 pm to 4 pm.

For Retailers

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Collection Site Hosts:

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Recyclers in Your Area


Businesses need to make arrangements directly with recyclers. Those with at least 100 units may contact Joy Broussard for Commercial Volume Pickup.

Connecticut & Rhode Island

Businesses should contact our Northeast Program Coordinator Dan McGowan for arrangements.

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