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We are looking for innovators! We sponsor mattress industry research and development projects, provide funding for projects that aim to improve processes and explore new applications for recycled mattress components. Below you will find our open research RFPs, organized by category.

End Markets

Recycled Materials Market Development

MRC is seeking creative proposals which demonstrate the potential to use hard-to-recycle mattress components in new applications and products as well as in reformulated products.

Interested parties are asked to complete a pre-application concept paper which describes their approach toward addressing this challenge. Applicants may submit pre-proposals at any time — there is no deadline.  Researchers whose concepts show merit will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Pre-application Concept Paper Template

2022 Request for Proposal

Site Improvements

Applications to Fund Pilot Studies to Combat Illegally Dumped Mattresses are Due on Nov. 15 

The Mattress Recycling Council is again soliciting applications from California communities to provide up to $100,000 in funding for pilot studies to prevent or eradicate the illegal dumping of mattresses, box springs and  futons in communities previously identified as adversely impacted. Suggested topics for the pilot study include education/outreach, eradication and enforcement. The application deadline is Nov. 15. There will be a webinar on Oct. 26 to provide an overview and answer any questions. It is anticipated that the program will run in 2023 and be completed by Dec. 31, 2023.

Application Solicitation

Application Form

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Mattress Collection Facilities Improvement Funding

California mattress collection sites can continue to apply to MRC for up to $10,000 in site improvements using a recently revised application packet. The 2022 program will fund equipment and infrastructure improvements that will better protect discarded mattresses and box springs to increase their recyclability or achieve other efficiencies such as lowering costs, preventing vandalism and improving safety.

Previous funding cycles supported the construction of weather coverings and cement pads to protect mattress integrity, mobile loading ramps to help with transportation and storage, and additional storage space to house and protect mattresses.

Eligible entities include new or existing mattress collection sites that are open to the public. Sites include private companies, nonprofits and government entities.

Request for Proposals

Application Form

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