MRC submitted a revised program plan to Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on June 10, 2024. The law allows DEQ 45 days to review. If it is promptly approved, the program will launch in late 2024.

The mattress recycling assessment (fee) and program start date will be announced once MRC’s plan is approved.

In the meantime…

Those in the solid waste and recycling industries should check in frequently as we have started the process of connecting with stakeholders and building our network of collection sites.

We are collecting information from locations interested in serving as a public collection site. Please contact our Oregon Program Coordinator by completing this service provider interest form. To learn more about collection site benefits, expectations and requirements view our collection site information sheet.

Those in the mattress industry should become familiar with all of their company’s obligations. Visit MRCreporting.org to register or update their existing profiles, and stay tuned for when the assessment (fee) and start date are announced.

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